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Preview: Seamless Session 1

I have the fondest memories of coming home from graduate school, sitting on the balcony of our apartment and reading my Bible.

OK, let me clarify. I wasn’t reading the Bible the way you might be picturing it.

I was kind of overwhelmed by that. I bought myself several illustrated children’s Bibles. Like the kind that are intended for young, young children.

I would read my “grown up Bible” and find a character that was interesting to me or there would be a story that stood out, but I was overwhelmed by the scope of it.  Those tissue pages filled with names and dates and incidences just muddled together in my brain and didn’t land in a way that made sense.

And it made me feel stupid. I didn’t understand it, but I really wanted to.

And so when I sat out on the balcony with those children’s Bibles and started to piece the stories together – it was so empowering.

What I also think is that God probably just loved that moment for me. It was the time that I set aside my pride and simply said this: I want to know this story because I truly want to know You.

Dear friends, I’m praying that moment for you, too.


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