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Preview: Seamless Session 3

He changes our names.

We see this in Scripture in even more obvious ways. There are only a few people in the entire Bible that God actually changes their names for them.

The first one we looked at this week is Abraham, husband of Sarai. As you read, God changes his name from Abram which means noble father, to Abraham, meaning father of many  He does this to signify ‘you are becoming the person who I have made you to be. Your identity is in this. I will keep the promise I have made to you.’

We also studied Jacob. I love the story of Jacob and always have.

Jacob is a manipulator himself. He’s born that way. His name means heel grabber. From the very beginning we see him vying for the position of being first and trying to being known. He lived his entire existence this way.

I’m just going to be totally honest with you – I’m so glad that there are Jacobs in the Bible. If I were to read it, I would think well, maybe I’m the only one who does this. Maybe everyone else is righteous and they do things perfectly.

Maybe there have been times in your own life that you’ve manipulated things, or you’ve twisted them or even lied to get accolades, to get something that you wanted, to change the situation, or get people to see you differently.

I think in some ways I’ve been a Jacob since I was born and so when I read his story, I’m so moved by it.



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