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Preview: Seamless Session 6

I so pray that as you went through your homework this week that you saw something new in Scripture. I probably could have recited the story of Christ’s birth and His life and His death for many years, but it wasn’t until it really moved me to tears that I really understood it.

When I read my Bible, and I want to encourage you to do this too, I put myself in the scenes. I try to imagine every detail around me. I want to know what it might have smelled like. What it might have tasted like. What it sounded like to be in every single moment. I want to feel the words just come alive in my soul.

Sometimes that means trying to erase images of cartoon whales and ark murals. Sometimes that means trying to erase other people’s interpretation of different events in Scripture. Sometimes it means trying to erase the temptation to just see them as stories.

And sometimes, on a week like we’ve just completed together, it means recognizing the places I’ve tried to erase reality for the sake of avoiding true comprehension and the acknowledgement of what happened on Calvary.

The truth of the matter is, it was a real Crown of Thorns that pierced his head. They were real nails that drove through his flesh with the brute force of human hatred. And I understand we’d be crazy to not try and look away from something that horrific, but the truth of it is, we’d be crazier to do actually do so. I know it’s tempting to avert your eyes, but in doing so, I think you might avert your heart, and that’s more than we can afford to do.

As the breath of life left Jesus’ body for the very last time, Scripture tells us that that the veil in the temple was torn in two. Maybe before now, you didn’t have the context to appreciate that, but it changed everything. Everything.

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