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Seamless Online Bible Study – Coming June 18!

We’re so excited to announce that that LifeWay is offering Seamless as an online Bible study this summer! For 7 weeks, beginning June 18 on LifeWay Women’s blog, we’ll look at the way Jesus is stitched in to every story in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation.

Each Thursday through July 30 you’ll find a blog post, unique new video message, and questions to answer in the comments section. Our prayer is that you’ll invite a few local friends and neighbors to join this study with you and hope you also develop community with other women through each week’s post.

Here’s how the online study will work:

  • Fill out the form so LifeWay can notify you via email when a new post is up.
  • Purchase a copy of the Seamless Bible Study Book at your local LifeWay store or online here or get an ebook version here. For those overseas, we recommend the ebook!
  • Return to the blog every week to watch Angie share additional stories and insights from each chapter.
  • Participate by answering questions in the comments section blog.

This Bible study also has an additional video component. The Seamless study features 12-15 minute videos for each week. These videos are available as individual downloads here. It is not necessary to watch these videos to participate in the online Bible study, but we recommend them if you want to dive deeper into what you’re learning.

Seamless is also available for teen girls. We recommend it for grades 8-12, and think it would be great for students to study alongside their moms, aunts, sisters, and friends. Girls doing the Seamless teen version are welcome to participate in our online study, too!

To sign up for the study, fill out the form on Lifeway Women’s blog here.

If you’re participating in the study, we’d love for you to download the featured image above and share it on your social media pages. You might have some friends eager to join you!


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