The Sundays

I made up the term “Sundays” to refer to my faithful readers, and those who have chosen to enter into our lives as we have journeyed the last year. You have become family to us, and whenever I need prayer requests, or want to pass along information, I just say “Hey Sundays!” and you know I’m talking to you:) BUT the most important part of being a Sunday is that it goes both ways. This is not a group of people who follow “Angie Smith,” but rather a group of people who follow Jesus Christ and seek to be in a loving, life-giving community where we as believers seek to lift each other up as we strive to serve our Lord better and more deeply. It’s not about me; it’s about Him. Feel free to send me your prayer requests as well. I pray for every single one, and even if I am unable to write back to you, I am with you in spirit, walking humbly alongside you as we seek to love Christ more and more everyday.