Dear friends,

Due to the season of life I am in and the priorities I am constantly wrestling to keep intact, I have decided to drastically reduce the amount of time I’m away from my family. With that said, I’m still very prayerful and will certainly assess each event to see if it’s a good fit, but my desire is to do very, very few travel dates. While I’ve loved the past few years partnering with amazing teams like Women of Faith, I’ve realized that it is simply too difficult to balance that kind of travel schedule with everything that is required of me as a wife, mommy, and writer.

Please don’t let that discourage you from reaching out to my team ( alli [at] inhouseco [dot] org ) or on my Contact Page to inquire about partnering, just please accept my gratitude in advance for understanding if I’m not able to make it work. Thanks for your grace!

Love and prayers,