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Well, I was supposed to be in Ecuador right now with Compassion International. Can I even relate to you the level of disappointment I have about missing a trip with the following people? Kelly Stamps, Ann Voskamp, Boomama, Bigmama, and Amanda Jones.


And Compassion did the most amazing job of working out flights so that I could fly seamlessly between my speaking dates, but in the end I just hated to be gone that much given the fact that I’m already gone so much this season. But it sure makes me wish I could be in two places at once. Actually, three. Because Charlotte just woke up and I need to get her and finish this post.

I have shared lots in the past about my love for Compassion and what they do for children around the world, and by following along with these bloggers, you’ll get to see it all firsthand. It’s one thing to send off a letter or a check, but it’s entirely different to experience it in person.

A few weeks ago Abby was at a concert with Todd and wandered over to the Compassion table. She fell in love with the sweet face of a toddler and asked Todd if she could sponsor her. Todd explained that she would have to give her allowance and any other money she had, and that we would help her but it would be her responsibility. Moreover, it would be her sacrifice.

It wasn’t just a sweet face, it was a life that was about to be changed.

She consulted Ellie and they decided they would do it together. They have since roped in two friends, and they take it really seriously. Any time they find change, the first thing they say is, “My Compassion girl!”

I talk a big talk with them. Love God, love His people. Give it away for the kingdom. Don’t live without acknowledging how fortunate you are. And don’t think for one second that your contribution doesn’t matter….because the Lord makes miracles out of our offerings and multiplies our efforts in ways we can’t imagine.

But do they see me walk the walk? I would like to think they do. But I also know that I’m as prone to selfishness and apathy as the next person.

I’ll be totally honest with you.

Until my trip to India with Compassion a few years ago, I had all but learned to tune out the sound of anyone asking for money. Not that I didn’t think there were people who needed it, but I had suspicions about organizations. We might not all get to travel and see it firsthand, but for those of us who have, there is a feeling of compulsion to share.

It really is exactly what you would hope it is.

It’s a group of people who believe they can change the face of poverty and are doing the work of the Gospel in some of the hardest places imaginable.

You have the opportunity today to change the life of a little girl or boy, and I promise you this.

It matters.

Not just to that child, but maybe for your own children. Maybe to a watching world who wants to know if Christians really put their money where their mouths are. Would you prayerfully consider whether or not God is asking you to be a part of Compassion’s ministry by sponsoring a child? Click on the little button below to follow along with the bloggers in Ecuador right now. If the first day is any indication, they are in for a life-changing experience.

And for those of us who can’t be there in the flesh, lets be praying for them and for the work the Lord is doing through them. Here is a picture from Melanie’s (Bigmama) blog from today….

I just love her little wave and that giant backpack. Click over to her blog to read the whole story.

I’ll just say that on the latter part of the trip there is a lot of jungle activity coming up. I’m pretty sure none of us want to miss that experience 🙂 So stay tuned online and prayerfully consider the role you could have in a child’s life today.

I clicked on Kelly’s link to these kiddos and melted when I saw how many had been waiting for 6 months or longer for a sponsor. Just click over and see if God stirs your heart for one of them. Or 15 of them. Whatever.

So in the event that you haven’t picked up on it (because subtlety has always been a gift of mine), I would love for you to consider sponsoring one of these little munchkins.

Right now.

This second.

It matters.


Compassion Bloggers: Ecuador 2011


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Thank you so much for you prayers yesterday…I am so relieved that it was something her doctor could identify and know how to treat (actually, no treatment, which is even better than medicine :)). We will go back in a few weeks to make sure it has gone down a little but she said that it was something that could take months. Who knew that lymph nodes felt like bone when they got swollen up? Not me. Ellie had five of them in a row where there was obviously a reaction to something. We think it is the kitty cat that has been coming around our house. The girls named her “Midnight Purr” and they feed her milk out of a bottle…hilarious. It’s somebody’s cat because it’s gorgeous and well groomed, but we haven’t figured out who she belongs to. Sweet Ellie-she was trying so hard to hold it together and then she just broke down and the doctor’s office. They did a little finger prick and tested her blood and everything looked perfect, so I went to bed a very grateful woman last night.

I had actually written something about a special moment between me and Ellie for (in)courage, and it was scheduled for today, so it’s up right here if you want to come over and read.

If you haven’t become a part of the (in)courage community, I really urge you to. Stop by with your morning coffee and meet all of the writers over there. I promise you will be blessed beyond measure. It is one of my favorite things I have ever been involved in and I can’t tell you how much I love the hearts of the women behind it. As I have mentioned, we moved our book club over there and have been reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, which, if I might add….



I’m so, so proud of her 🙂

Tomorrow is Todd’s birthday, so I need to run and do some scheming…

Love to all,

Ann Voskamp, Bloom (in)courage

Announcing Our Bloom Selection

We aren’t even going to try and restrain our excitement on this one.

For years we have both loved this author and prayed for the day that there would be a real, live book we could hold (and highlight mercilessly) and the day has finally come. You will no doubt share our enthusiasm, and please take the last part to heart and invest in a set of good highlighters.

You will surely need to restock before the book’s end.

It is with great pleasure and an enormous amount of respect that we announce our very first book as a part of (in)courage. It couldn’t be a more perfect fit, and we are so passionate about not only its message, but the heart of the writer herself. Yes, HERself. You knew we would pick a lady for the first one, didn’t you?!?!?!

Go ahead and watch the video that follows in order to hear our big announcement…we are so glad you are here and are ecstatic about sharing this next season of spiritual growth with you.


And for more information on the book club, including how to get the book for only $10, click here to visit the new Bloom page on (in)courage.

With love,
Ang, Jess, and the rest of the team at Bloom (in)courage 🙂

Ann Voskamp, Book Recommendation

Of all the things that inspire…

She is top of the list.

For years I have loved her from afar as she shared her God-breathed knowledge and insights. There aren’t words to describe how excited I am to share this with you…

TOMORROW (or today if you are reading this on Tuesday :)) you can order Ann Voskamp’s book in the Kindle edition!!!!! I have read it and cannot recommend it highly enough. She is not just a friend, nor is she just a fabulous writer-I genuinely believe she will be remembered as one of the classic writers of our day. I could fill this page with words of admiration and excitement but I have met Ann on a few occasions and I am concerned about her having a coronary about the attention 🙂

I don’t think it would be too dramatic to say that what Ann offers in her newest book is life-changing, though, and I’m pretty sure you will agree. Years ago I sent her an email saying I adored her, assuming she had no idea who I was. Little did I know that she did know my story and could relate to it in a horrific way. I have never seen anyone take life experiences, Scripture, and a genuine passion for serving the Lord and combine them in a way that makes the reader long to be a true servant of God the way Ann does. Many of you already know and love Ann, but you might not know the details of her story that have carved the depths of her. I am actually choked up as I type these words because I so esteem her…she makes me proud to be a sister in the faith.

For a glimpse of sweet Ann’s book, please click here…you can thank me later. She’s like Target. You’ll go over there to look at this and you’ll end up there for 3 hours with a cart full of goodness.

And might I ask a favor of you? Would you please pray along with me for Ann during this time? Specifically that her book would reach many people and that they would be changed as a result. Pray for wisdom as she navigates life as a wife, mommy, writer, and (reluctant!) speaker. Please pray that she will have discernment, peace, and strength as she prepares for the book release, and that God will give her favor with her words. It is hard to open your heart wide and invite the world into the wound but I am so grateful that she did the beautiful, hard thing. It is exquisite

And now, I’m off to watch some football with Todd-he has been gone for five days and I am so grateful we have him back!!!

Before I go, I’ll give you the quote of the day:

Abby has decided she wants to read my book and she got to the part where there is a picture of Kate with chocolate on her face. She turns to Kate and says: “Good news. You’re in mommy’s book. Bad news. You’ve got some poop on your face.”


You all have a great night 🙂