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October 15th, 2009

There is much happening in the Smith/Hamilton household, and I want to give you some updates really soon, but this morning I am greatly burdened.

It is the National Day of Miscarriage and Infant Loss, and like last year, I want to invite you to share your babies with all of us. I want you to know that each of them matter. I also want you to know that I grieve with you. I have received upsetting news related to this from someone close to me, so this year it feels even more weighty. All of us who have lost babies know that it isn’t just one day a year.
It’s Tuesday, when all the other kids are playing on the swingset.
It’s Sunday, when you don’t have one to bring to Sunday school.
It’s Thursday, when you wish you could know what her favorite after-school snack would have been.
It’s Friday, and you can’t stop crying.
It isn’t one day, it’s every day. Relief comes in pockets but the truth is that there is a gap that cannot be filled here. I feel that today as the rain falls outside and the day beckons me to move in spite of my brokenness. 
When I came to check my computer this morning, I found some horrible news waiting for me. We are not clear on all of the details but one of the slums that Crosspoint had begun to work with in India was completely destroyed by bulldozers. There was a school, a feeding center, hundreds of people…and now the very little that they even called a roof is gone. We don’t know what will happen next, and the pictures speak volumes about loss. Please pray for these precious people. We trust that the Lord is with them and is going to work this out for good, but with human eyes it seems hopeless.
This world cannot mend us, but oh how I wish it could.
Please tell me about your babies…I want you to know I am spending the day in prayer for them.
May God bless you with unexpected joy and peace despite the ache.
If you have a moment, will you please click here to read about Wyatt’s story and sign a petition on his behalf (and many, many other babies…). Tennessee will not declare his a live birth because of their laws even though he lived for two minutes. I don’t agree with this, and don’t believe they should classify this as “stillbirth.” Please help have this law changed if you agree-you do NOT have to be a Tennessee resident to sign it according to what I have heard. Thank you so much…
With much love,
Crosspoint, Everyday life

The Girl at Starbucks…

So I kept looking at this girl in Starbucks because I knew her from somewhere. I am really, really good with faces, but not always great at remembering names or being able to remember where I know someone from. I decided it must be that we were both there a lot with our laptops and didn’t think much more about it until she was walking past me and she paused.

“Are you Angie Smith?” 
“Yes, and where do I know you from? I have been racking my brain trying to remember?”
She introduced herself as Lindsay Ferrier, and reminded me of her blog, (Suburban Turmoil) which won as the “editor’s choice” in the same category I was in for the recent “Divine Caroline” contest.  
A few weeks later I ended up going to her house to tape the clip you will see below, and I timed it.
We live 3 minutes from each other.
So here we are, nominated in this national contest with thousands of other bloggers, and we both win in the same category, yet we have never met. 
It gets even stranger.
She and her hubby attend Cross Point Church (which, according to Kate, is also known as the church where “Mr. Peaches”  is the Pastor).
They happened to miss the Sunday that Audrey’s story was presented, but knew a little about me because of it.
Did I mention we live three minutes from each other?
She has a hysterical blog, and is and incredibly gifted writer-I don’t know her all that well but I hope I get to connect more, now that we realize the other exists, and that the commute is, uummmm, reasonable.
I thought you all might want to see this, and I have been so busy on my proposal (I PROMISE this post took less than 10 minutes, Greg 🙂 !!!!!) that I haven’t written much…

Note the scarf as well…
Also, Todd had my wedding diamond reset in the most gorgeous setting. We had talked about doing it for our ten year anniversary, but this seemed the year to mark, and we found exactly what we were looking for. It is really special to me, and my next post will tell you a little bit more about why (whenever my proposal is turned in and life has returned to semi-normal again).
Ok, back to the writing. And please keep praying…it has proved to be one of the most emotional times of this whole journey. I know the Lord will sustain me, but I feel so weighted down by the grief. I am missing her so much…
Love to you all 🙂
Crosspoint, prayer request

Scarves and Prayers

I’m always talking about my friend Pete who pastors Cross Point Church (where I did my Monday night service) and his wife Brandi. They are good friends of ours, and I am so blessed to get to spend 2 mornings a week with Brandi in different “mommy” Bible studies.

I must add that several weeks ago, her hair looked totally different. If you want to know the full story, hop over to her blog, but let’s just say it involved the following:
1. A Christmas Eve church service
2. Those little tiny candles…..
It’s worth reading.

I’m posting this (from her blog) because I thought you all might need a smile on your Monday morning.
As a sidebar, see, they use the bell too! Whitney, I don’t know what is wrong with your dog, but they WORK!!!!! (See you in the morning:))
(Remember to mute the music…I always forget!!!)

Scarf Conversations from Brandi Wilson on Vimeo.

She is so great. Just LOVE her.
And keep praying for Baby Harper…some friends and family have set up a prayer blog for the Stamps’ family… to post, go to, sign in with the id of, and password of: harperbrown.  Once logged in, feel free to leave your words for the family. 
Have a great and prayer-filled Monday~