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I am doing a great giveaway over here…come enter to win a computer and a gift card for $250 to Best Buy just in time for Christmas!!!

Happy turkey day to everyone…I’m grateful for you all!!!

What are you thanking God for this Thanksgiving???


Audrey, giveaway, Lisa Leonard

Marked By Love

***Link is working now! Sorry about that…GO ENTER TO WIN!!!***

A few weeks ago I alluded to something I was really excited about and today I get to share it with you all:)

After I lost Audrey, I got so many emails from people who had either lost a child or had a friend who had and they were looking for something special to honor the child. I found a few pieces that I thought were really beautiful but when I was working on the book and making suggestions about these kinds of things, I immediately thought of Lisa Leonard. I have talked about her several times here and the fact that my computer pretty much crashes whenever I do one of her giveaways tells me that you all love her work as much as I do. I am honored beyond words to introduce you to her newest necklace, called “Marked By Love: Audrey’s necklace.”

Isn’t it beautiful? I have several of her necklaces but this one is much heavier. When she created it she remembered the comment I have made several times about Audrey having weight in this world. She also told me that when you wear it, it warms because of the way it’s made and I found the same. I periodically just lift it away from my skin and feel the heat, a sweet reminder of her life.

All of us who have lost a child are aware that we have been marked by love. Only Lisa could put her heart and soul into such a project and create a piece of art that is a beautiful, tangible way to remember our children. I have attached two of her little pearl/beads to mine-they originally came on her “By Grace Alone” necklace and they make this little tinkling noise when I move around. I use it as a reminder to pray, and the Lord uses it at the best times. I just hear it and immediately I think, “by grace alone, by grace alone…” With this one, I think about Audrey and remind myself to pray for others who have walked the same road.

She has generously agreed to give away 2 of these beauties, customized with whatever you would like on the back. Please make your way over to her blog and enter to win one…

Thank you, Lisa. I am so blessed to have this opportunity and I am praying that many, many people treasure it as much as I do…

Love to all {and go enter!}

giveaway, seeds family worship

Planting Seeds

*** contest winners are listed on my giveaway blog…i had to modify this post so i would be in compliance with blogher, so i deleted most of it. do click over to see if you won!!!***

Here is the link to their site… If you have a few minutes, spend some time exploring what they’re doing-I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂 They are also on Facebook HERE.

If you want to go ahead and order now from them, they have given me a code to pass along so you will get 20% off of all CD’S!!!! Just type in ASMITH and it should apply your discount.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Book Recommendation, giveaway, Matthew Paul Turner

Matthew’s New Book "Hear No Evil"

Hey all! Well this is going to be a giveaway kind of time. I don’t do them that much but there are a bunch of things I want to share with you all in the next several days. Here is the first…

You all have heard me talk about my friend Jessica and her son Elias. You may know that her husband Matthew is an author and he has a new book out. He is letting me give away 5 copies of it, so if you want to win one, please click HERE to enter. His newest book chronicles his memories of childhood, his love of music, and the journey the Lord has taken him through. I think this is is best-written book so far, and while we have very different upbringings, I laughed and cried several times while reading, picturing the little boy who just wanted to listen to Sandi Patty…

Matthew would be the first to tell you he has a snarky sense of humor, but knowing him in real life is funny because I know that, but it isn’t my experience with him. He would do anything for anyone and wouldn’t hurt a fly. He has one of the kindest hearts I know, and while his writing persona is edgy, I know the guy who would cry because he hurt someone’s feelings and will reach out when nobody else will.

This has nothing to do with his book, I know. But I wanted to tell you all.

So Matthew, the jig is up…:)

I wanted to share one of the most meaningful things he has ever written (obviously I’m biased) It was only 5 words but it said more than any book he could have written. In fact (and I don’t know that he knows this) the card still hangs in my sewing room.

He wrote it the day of Audrey’s funeral and left it in a basket for me at the back of the church. It is so precious to me to have friends and family that have said the same thing in words, in deeds, and in prayer.

I don’t take it for granted for a moment.

Thank you, friend. And may the Lord bless you as you tell yours…

With love,

P.S. For the record, Jess made the cards. Matthew doesn’t carry a flower stamp around with him as far as I know…:)