My Kate, Your Advice.

I have hesitated to write this. In fact I have started it and then stopped about five times. It’s hard to ask for help when you feel like you are putting yourself in a position where you could be scrutinized, and I know too well how that goes down.

So. I’m appealing to you all as my sisters and I’m asking that you show respect to me and to anyone who comments here. I know that some of this could trigger a debate, which is not what I want (in fact, I welcome your respectful opinions but will feel completely comfortable deleting anything I don’t think fits within the “loving advice” approach). Can we just show people that we can have civilized conversations as Christians without being ugly to each other?

Okay, with that said, here’s the deal.

I had a great conversation with Kate’s teacher (she goes one day to a tutorial program) and it confirmed what I have known to be true for a long while. She has a really hard time concentrating and it has gotten to the point where she’s super frustrated all the time (and we are too) because she cannot stay on track. It’s more than that, though, and it’s really, really hard. All that to say, we have a doctor’s appt tomorrow to have an ADD evaluation, and I’m pretty certain that she will be diagnosed with it. My question is this:

For all of you with kids like my Kate, what has worked for you? Have you had experience with medication that you would feel comfortable passing along? I want to do what is best for her and while I absolutely trust my pediatrician, I would love to hear from other mommas who are in this boat.

I’m kind of an emotional wreck right now over this. Can I get some sisters to speak wisdom to me in love about all of this? Anything you can contribute is so appreciated. Oh mercy, I’m crying. It’s hard being a mommy sometimes.

Thank you in advance. I can’t tell you how much your advice (and prayers…please, prayers…) mean to me.

With love,



Man, it’s been a crummy week.

Lots of traveling, lots of stuff with the kiddos, friends…life. It has been a good reminder of the fact that even when things start to feel upside-down, there’s still something we can do for each other in the hard seasons.

Years ago, when people rallied around me during my pregnancy with Audrey, I realized that one of the most amazing gifts I received was the love of people who only knew me through the common bond of Christ, and those women offered a part of themselves for me. Many of you emailed me letting me know that you had specifically asked the Lord to allow you to carry a part of my burden. Wow.

I’m sitting in a Starbucks writing this, and I’m tempted to burst into tears because I remember that time so well. I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord honored your requests, and as a result my burden was lighter. To this day I have an image of the way He may have distributed that hurt to those who were willing, and the most beautiful part of it all is that He received all the glory for your faithfulness.

In my quiet time today, the Lord led me to a few scriptures and as always, a little bit of deeper study led to insight that blessed me beyond measure. Sometimes when you’re reading the Bible, you see things that seem contradictory. As I read Galatians 6:2 today, it seemed pretty clear that this “sharing of burdens” was important. It says:

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

Okay. Got it.

But then, right below it in Gal 6:5, it says this:

“For each one of you should carry his own load.”

Interesting. So what gives?

Before I say anything else, let me say this. The Bible is not supposed to be intimidating. It’s not supposed to make you afraid to dig further down, or to seem like an academic, far-away, untouchable instruction manual. It’s a love story, and you are a part of it.

If you see commentaries on the Bible, or anything fancy that talks about the Greek or Hebrew words, or anything like that, just know this: God never intended the Bible to feel “over your head.” He wants you to invest youself and take the time to understand things, but He never wants you to be intimidated by the Word. Rather, He wants you to be empowered.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Galatians. And why does it say that we are to share burdens and then say that we are all supposed to carry our own loads? Which is it?

Here’s what I discovered.

In verse 2, the Greek word used for “burdens” is “baros.”

Don’t wander off because I said Greek!!! Come on back! Just think of it this way. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, and the New Testament in Greek. So when you say “the Greek word,” you are really just saying, “in the original language.”

Okay? You back. Good.

And how in the world did I ever figure out the Greek word?

Because I speak it fluently. As well as Hebrew, French, and at least three African dialects.

Well, either that or I have access to the Google.

I love this website, and this Bible in particular for this kind of study.

Sooooo, baros. Hello new friend.

Baros means “heaviness, weight, burden, trouble.”

Now onto verse 5. Using the same methods, I find (in about 2 seconds) that the word used in this passage for “load” is different. This word (in Greek…hello fancypants) is “phortion.” It lists the word “burden” in it’s definition, but upon reading a little you will see that it is different than the one mentioned earlier. Innnnnnteresting.

Here’s what I found:

The word “photon” does not connote any weight; it is simply to indicate that something is being carried. It’s the same word used in the passage that says, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Mt. 11:30). It’s what we are called to carry, and essentially it means that we are going to stand before God one day and have to give an account for our lives, and that is not something that someone else can carry for us. (via W.E. Vine)

Greek and Hebrew aren’t scary, but that is. Because it’s the kind of conviction that motivates us to seek Him and make our lives a beautiful offering.

The former (baros) is the weight of this world-the pain that comes from living in a fallen world with fallen people. And it connotes weight. I know, because I feel that weight every day and so do you. There is a major difference between the two, and while we can’t shoulder the burden of someone’s life choices in light of eternity, we can shoulder the burden put on our friends here on earth. And I really believe that it’s more than a suggestion.

Isn’t that cool? I know this isn’t really a “pretty” post, but the purpose is to get you motivated to dig into your Bibles, and also to ask for you to pick up some weight for some sisters in Christ.

I love that this is a safe community where we can bring our burdens and allow the Lord to distribute them. Feel free to use the comment section as an altar and lay down anything we can pray about, even if it isn’t detailed.

We will be honored to share the load.

With so much love,


A Prayer Please

I am on my way to the pediatricians office after Ellie pointed out that a bump on her head has been bothering her. It feels like bone (it’s at the base of her skull, about the size of a large marble) but is very worrisome because I have never felt it before and she has been complaining for months about dizzy spells etc. I know that more than likely it is nothing but my stomach is upside-down right now. Please pray that everything is okay. Appt is at 12:50 and I will let you all know what the doctor says.

Thank you,

In Between

We had an awesome time on our cruise, despite the fact that I did not get to meet Kirk Cameron. The weather was unbelievable, and it was definitely one of those, “Umm, really? This is work?” kind of weeks, where we were just so grateful to all be together and enjoying the sunshine.

I did have a little breakdown on the first night because I realized that the last cruise we were on was almost exactly three years ago (same month) when I was pregnant with Audrey. We had her diagnosis and were trying to enjoy it but were so distracted and devastated by reality. There had been a point on that cruise where I was going to grab something to eat and I slipped on something slick and wiped out, landing (almost) full force on my tummy while I jerked my knees out just in time to catch me. The worst part was that everybody just stared at me and nobody helped me up. When I finally did get up I was bawling crying and ran to find Todd and all of our friends and I was bruised up for days. I hadn’t really even remembered it until I walked through a similar area on this boat and all of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach. It’s amazing how the mind works, and I have so many of those stored places in my mind that I don’t access until I’m in the moment and it just falls right on me. That seems to be the hardest part of the grief journey right now-just the unexpected times when something occurs to you or a memory comes back and you just weren’t mentally prepared to cope.

This was totally going to be a happy post! Sorry about that :) But it is, unfortunately, reality…

Overall the trip was really fun. I was going to post some pictures but who are we kidding? Not my strong suit…so, if you’re curious and want to see some great photos, click HERE to go to Kelsey’s facebook album and see how everyone looks so grown up!!! Seriously, Charlotte even has little chic-let teeth :) She has finally decided she would like to begin sitting up and making motions in the direction of crawling. I’m telling you, this kid is one in a million. So laid back and easy-going and her smile is absolutely infectious. I am so madly in love I cannot even tell you…

In other news, I spoke at my first official Women of Faith event a few weeks ago (not an arena event, but the one where all the group leaders meet up…about 2500 women) and despite the fact that I was honest-to-goodness terrified out of my mind, I got through it. The women were so incredibly gracious, and even though I feel like I did kind of a choppy and unpolished job, I’m letting myself relax a little because I don’t think I will ever be super put-together on the platform and I’m trying to embrace that :) At least people feel like they can relate to me, right?? Anyway, it was great to be with the WOF team and to really see their vision for the events. I love, love, love what they do and I can tell you from behind the scenes, these are INCREDIBLE women who I really look up to and enjoy being with. I was expecting to love it, but it’s so much more than I had anticipated.

If you are going to be at one of the events that I’m speaking at, I would love to know! It may not be possible but I keep thinking it would be so cool to have a little breakfast or something where we could all meet and share coffee…feel free to shoot me an email and I will start putting together a little list just in case :) It would be so neat to put flesh on you all instead of just reading your words :)

And, because I genuinely think of this as a safe place where I can come and share my heart, I want to ask for your prayer. Those of you who have read this from the beginning know that all of this other stuff was never on the agenda for my life :) I sincerely feel that my choices are in line with God’s will for my life, and I have gotten much better at saying no when I need to, BUT…

It’s a lot! And as much as I love WOF and all the opportunities the Lord has given through Audrey, I remain a wife and mom first and foremost. I am going to be really transparent in the hopes that I won’t receive judgment for saying this, because in all honesty, I think more people need to share this kind of stuff. I have NOT done a perfect job of keeping my priorities in check. I struggle with being a people-pleaser and there have been times when I have let this affect my decisions, and in that, I have failed to put my husband and children first. That does not mean I don’t think I should be speaking or writing or any of that, but rather that I am trying to be a good steward of my highest calling above all else.

I guess as I started writing this I thought about the fact that sometimes we don’t want to admit we haven’t done a great job, or that we need help (for example, Kelsey comes twice a week for several hours to help around the house and let me go write when I need to. She can pinch hit with teaching, laundry, or whatever is pressing, and I am so grateful to have her help! I don’t do it alone!!!), but I think I would be doing you a disservice if I painted the picture that everything was simple and easy and I never felt like I had screwed up. Because I have, and I will continue to, but I am trusting that the Lord knows my heart and my deepest intentions, and that He will guide me as I go.

To that end, I am asking the Sundays to pray for me in this season. Please pray specifically that I will know what God’s will is for me, and that I will not overstep His grid for my life. Please pray for my marriage, my kids, and my own heart as I discern the ins and outs of my ministry. I know I don’t have to share any of this, and I’m not trying to justify myself or my decisions. Quite frankly, I feel that I need and desire the accountability and support of many of you who have walked with me. At the risk of it sounding like I haven’t figured it all out, let me say it this way.

I haven’t figured it all out.


One of the ways the Lord has spoken to me is that if there is ever something I am invited to speak at, I am going to plan to bring one of my kids with me. I have talked to the girls about this being a “special date” with mommy, and Todd and I are saving miles to make it feasible. Right this second in my life I feel like God has said there are pretty serious boundaries as far as what makes sense for my family (as far as the amount of time I’m gone, which is pretty much never more than one night unless I have the fam with me). In fact, tomorrow night will be the first night I have ever slept in a hotel room by myself…:)

I did ask Ellie to come with me but she said she was really wanting to play with her cousins instead and could she possibly go next time instead? Sweet girl. Don’t tell her but I’m kind of sad about it.

Anyway, this is jumbled and ugly but I’m praying that the Lord will speak through it anyway, and that you will know how humbled (genuinely, profoundly humbled) I am to be able to share my story, but also that I want to do it in the way that honors God the most. That means I get smaller, not bigger. That means my marriage and family life thrive. That means I keep my focus where it needs to be and not where it doesn’t. It means I confess to you that I don’t always get it right, and ask that you join me in praying as I go.

I hope some of this makes sense, and if it doesn’t, just click on the link and look at all the cute pictures.

But don’t expect to see Kirk.


All my love and gratitude,


There are just those moments in life where you realize you need to stop what you’re doing and pray. My inbox is always filled with stories that bring me to this place, and sometimes I feel the Lord has prompted me to share those prayer requests with you all. This is one of those stories…

If you follow me on Twitter you have probably seen this already, but for those who haven’t…

Joanne is a stranger to me, but a sister in Christ. I have been to her blog before and have loved her heart as a mother, homeschooler, and just an all-around neat lady. She is the kind of woman you would want to hang with in the kitchen and enjoy coffee with. Yesterday I had a rush of tweets come in and spend a good part of the day in prayer for her and today I am doing the same.

This woman needs our prayer, Sundays. She had a stroke yesterday and her daughter found her unresponsive on the treadmill, suffering from a seizure. She has just had surgery to remove a part of her skull to help with the swelling but there is significant trauma to her brain and her husband and daughters (one named Audrey:)) are waiting and praying that she will wake up.

I would really like to pass along the link to her blog where her husband is giving updates, and you can also follow him on twitter for updates as well.

If I didn’t believe in the power of prayer, i wouldn’t ask it of you. Between the floods in Queensland, the shootings in Arizona, and every other heart-breaking story I am processing with a heavy heart, I am reminded that we serve a great God Who we can’t always understand but we can ALWAYS trust.

I am speechless with hope in Him, on my knees in prayer for the brokenness we face.

Will you join me, please?

Feel free to leave prayer requests in the comments, and include links if you would like. Let’s take some time today to close our computers and bow low in prayer together. I have always loved Psalm 27 for times of confusion…

Psalm 27
Of David.
1The LORD is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?
2When evil men advance against me
to devour my flesh,a
when my enemies and my foes attack me,
they will stumble and fall.
3Though an army besiege me,
my heart will not fear;
though war break out against me,
even then will I be confident.
4One thing I ask of the LORD,
this is what I seek:
that I may dwell in the house of the LORD
all the days of my life,
to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD
and to seek him in his temple.
5For in the day of trouble
he will keep me safe in his dwelling;
he will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle
and set me high upon a rock.
6Then my head will be exalted
above the enemies who surround me;
at his tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy;
I will sing and make music to the LORD.
7Hear my voice when I call, O LORD;
be merciful to me and answer me.
8My heart says of you, “Seek hisb face!”
Your face, LORD, I will seek.
9Do not hide your face from me,
do not turn your servant away in anger;
you have been my helper.
Do not reject me or forsake me,
O God my Savior.
10Though my father and mother forsake me,
the LORD will receive me.
11Teach me your way, O LORD;
lead me in a straight path
because of my oppressors.
12Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes,
for false witnesses rise up against me,
breathing out violence.
13I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the LORD
in the land of the living.
14Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD.

Life as Usual

***Edited to add that I am praying for each and every one of you who have left requests, and I also wanted to thank those of you {many of you!!!} who recommended the angelcare movement detector. Todd and I went to Babies R Us today and it’s charging up….what a great idea!!!! THIS is why I love being a blogger…welcome to the place where mommies put their heads and hearts together!!! thank you! xoxo***

Hello all!

We just got home from Toronto yesterday (we did 100 Huntley Street and they are the nicest people ever). If you decide to brave the interview, just know that my hair is psycho and I nod maniacally throughout. Watching yourself on video is even worse than hearing your voice on an answering machine. Most of the time I never watch or listen to anything I’ve done for this reason, but I always pray God will use it to speak to other people despite me and my bizarro hair.

It was the last trip for awhile and I feel like I can exhale just a little bit. It was only one night away but i still cried in the hotel room:( I seem to be doing that a lot lately.

And unfortunately for my waistline, room service almost always accompanies crying. Reason number 2 I don’t watch my interviews.

So anyway, I’m so glad to be home. I have a Bible study on Wednesdays with other moms and I just love the women who are in the group. The kids also have a great time because there are several homeschoolers and they all come so it’s a blast. They just do spelling bees and geometry while braiding each other’s hair. Actually they trade animal bracelets and based on what I saw today, my little Kate is a sly shark. She is a stinking riot. The other day the girls were talking about their tithes and Abby decided she was going to give 20% so that Jesus could have 10 and God could have 10. Then Ellie said she was going to do the same but maybe give another 10% because she didn’t want the Holy Spirit to feel left out. At that point Kate (money clenched in fists) replied thoughtfully, “Well, I think I will give God just my hugs and kisses” and proceeded to hold onto her cash. She did eventually give it back to the Jesus jar but I’m not sure she got the whole “joy of stewardship” thing.

I haven’t talked about Charlotte recently on here…so sorry! I need to download some pictures as well so you can see how she’s growing. Honest to goodness she is the sweetest baby you could ever imagine. She just loves to be with you and will lay her little head down on anyone’s shoulder and snuggle in. She smiles all the time and she has this calm, gentle, loving personality that makes her so hard to put down. I feel like she’s really different from the other girls at her age because she is just so content all the time. I’m glad I got a super easy one as my fourth!!! I’m so grateful for every bit of her I get to enjoy, but I’m sure that others who have lost a child would agree that there’s a bittersweet feeling that comes along with seeing her grow and wondering what the other child would have been like. The girls have been talking a lot about Audrey lately and I think they sense it too.

On a related note, I’ve been struggling with a lot of fear related to Charlotte. I was sharing with my sister in law the other night about how Charlotte has started flipping over to sleep on her stomach and for awhile I would go in every half hour and put her back on her back. Again. And again. And again. I could feel myself starting to panic whenever I walked into the room, my mind telling me that she might not be breathing anymore. Finally, after I had done this more times than I can say, I felt the Lord stop me midway over to her and say gently, “Angie. How long will you do this?”

So instead of turning her over I sat on the floor and prayed. And prayed. And prayed.

And then I closed the door behind me and took Him at His word. I know that God is good, and that He doesn’t go off duty and let things just fall apart. He has a plan for Charlotte, and whatever that plan is will not be enhanced by me obsessing over every single thing I think I can do to control her safety. It’s appropriate to be cautious and responsible, but I can’t let myself believe that it’s up to me…but that is so hard.

So, there’s a prayer request if you don’t mind :)

I have a few more announcements coming up (no, I’m not pregnant :) ) and when the time is right I will be so excited to share with you…but you can rest assured that as wonderful as they are, there are most certainly (GULP) prayer requests that will go along with them!!! Let’s just say God has a sense of humor, and when I tell Him I’m too scared to do something, He finds a way to drop me right in the center of the fear. I know that’s where He is, so I’m jumping, but it is a scary feeling…especially with my hair being uncooperative. It just makes it all harder, you know?

Incidentally, I despise secrets (I actually got ticked at Todd when he planned a surprise party for me the first year we were married. Hasn’t happened since.) so I will definitely fill you all in soon!!! In the meantime, will you also ask the Lord to give me peace?

I have a feeling that some of the stress is coming from the work I’m doing on my next book-it’s bringing up some difficult memories but I hope there will be great fruit in the end. Right now it kind of feels like squashed bananas and rotten apples :)

I know I have said absolutely nothing of value in this post, but I really just wanted to say hello. As always, please feel free to share any prayer requests you have in the comments and know that you will be prayed over. I honestly can’t tell you how much it means to me when I ask you all a question and then I get to read all the great suggestions and thoughts…it makes this feel like a community and I love that :)

With love and gratitude,

Her Eyes

***Here is Kate’s caring bridge site in case you want to keep up there…thank you so much for all of the prayers…***
I received an email from my brother in law Greg a few minutes ago, and I feel a sense of urgency in sharing it with you…Sunday’s, will you be on your knees with me for sweet Kate? I hope nobody reading has walked this road, but I know that the reality is that several probably have. I am broken for this family (they are friends of Greg and Nicol’s), and her eyes, well they speak volumes.
i think that’s all I can say, other than that I am fighting emotions of just being angry that emails like this have to exist….if it were not for the body of Christ, I would feel hopeless.
Please pray. If I didn’t believe it mattered, I wouldn’t ask. CLICK HERE to meet Kate and her family…and feel free to leave them your prayers and love.
Much love to you all.

Scarves and Prayers

I’m always talking about my friend Pete who pastors Cross Point Church (where I did my Monday night service) and his wife Brandi. They are good friends of ours, and I am so blessed to get to spend 2 mornings a week with Brandi in different “mommy” Bible studies.
I must add that several weeks ago, her hair looked totally different. If you want to know the full story, hop over to her blog, but let’s just say it involved the following:
1. A Christmas Eve church service
2. Those little tiny candles…..
It’s worth reading.
I’m posting this (from her blog) because I thought you all might need a smile on your Monday morning.
As a sidebar, see, they use the bell too! Whitney, I don’t know what is wrong with your dog, but they WORK!!!!! (See you in the morning:))
(Remember to mute the music…I always forget!!!)

Scarf Conversations from Brandi Wilson on Vimeo.

She is so great. Just LOVE her.
And keep praying for Baby Harper…some friends and family have set up a prayer blog for the Stamps’ family… to post, go to, sign in with the id of, and password of: harperbrown.  Once logged in, feel free to leave your words for the family. 
Have a great and prayer-filled Monday~


My favorite season.
Just spending time anticipating the celebration of our sweet Savior.  I can honestly say I am more in love with Him now than I have ever been.  I have been praying about what I am about to write because I don’t want it to feel like a big deal to you all, or something that you need to worry about.  I promise you don’t :) And you know I would tell you…I never seem to be at a loss for words, hmm?
I am going to take a little bloggy break for a bit…I will pop back in with quick thoughts here and there, maybe some great book recommendations or even what I call the Q.O.T.D. (Quote of the day).  Which, incidentally, occurred today at Target when Kate informed a complete stranger at the dollar spot that she was excited to grow up so she could “go to Bible Study and wear a brawl (bra).” Awesome.  Ready for check-out now, thanks for playing.
I feel like I need to be in a season where I am preparing my heart for the season, spending time drinking hot chocolate and praying over my babies, and I think I need to take the pressure off of myself to share deeply here (let me clarify that I am the one who places this pressure on myself!!!).  It is just such a season of joy and sorrow this year, and so intermingled that I believe it best to let my words be few with the world and many with the Lord.  You understand, I know. Because you are the Sundays, and you never fail to encourage me. Thank you for your support and love.
Along with that, I have 2 prayer requests.  The first is that I have begun to write the book of Audrey’s story, and am in the process of getting a proposal ready for my agent to send to several publishers.  It is an odd thing to mix something so personal with something kind of “business-like,” but I have felt such a great peace in the way the Lord is directing my steps.
With that said, I know that you have come to love my Audrey as well, so you will understand what I am about to say (as tears literally drop into the nooks and crannies of my keyboard).
Will you pray that I would bring great honor to the Lord Jesus Christ through her, and that I will honor who she was to us? I just so desperately want to do it well, and my insecurities have a way of making me feel inadequate.
I want you all to be involved in this process, and I will keep you posted as I know more, because I feel that I have had the great honor of your presence and insight for many months. I do not take for granted what you have allowed me to share with you, and the way you have supported me when I felt I could not do it alone. 
My second prayer request is that in January, Todd and I have been invited to come to Colorado to speak at Focus on the Family in honor of their “sanctity of life” week.  I am humbled beyond belief, but also intimidated and feel like it is so far from my comfort zone.  And also, there will be airplanes involved. ‘Nuff said there. 
Will you pray with me Sundays? I may be the one penning it, speaking it, experiencing it etc., but you are my loyal, faithful supporters, who have walked alongside me with dedication I can scarcely articulate, and I treasure you dearly.  
In the very first post I ever wrote on this blog, I said how grateful I was to those who were reading (initially the blog was intended to be for friends and family who lived out of town!) because they were a part of her story.
And here you are.
Part of a story that only the Lord Himself could orchestrate.
I praise You for your provision, Jesus, and for the peace that belies our circumstances…
As a sidebar, thank you so much for you prayers about Cider Carols. Honestly, it was a COMPLETE blast and I never even got nervous because it was just so fun I couldn’t be troubled with letting myself worry. And the Xanax didn’t hurt either, truth be told…:) We raised a ton of money and sang some great music by candlelight. It was amazing…
Also, I was asked to speak to a group of High School girls, and it fell on the Friday morning after CC.  I was really looking forward to it because I love this age group.  Honest to goodness, I adored every minute of it.  The teachers even let the girls skip their next classes so we could keep talking!!! These girls are ON FIRE for the Lord (in case you’re local, it was Christ Presbyterian Academy, where, coincidentally, the author of one of my favorite parenting books is on staff.) I loved every single minute of being there, and now I feel really torn, because I want my girls to go to school there, but I also LOVE homeschooling. And then there’s the whole tuition thing  (and remember I have multiples!!!), but I am praying about the will of God.  If it is what He wants for us, He will provide.  But all I can say is that when I left that school, a deep, unexpected, glorious peace filled my spirit and I felt such great joy at the possibility of the being a part of such a Christ-centered school.  Actually, could you pray about wisdom for that decision too?
I better wrap it up. I’m approaching rambling at warp speed.
All this to say…I’m off to spend some time in the land of simplicity this advent, but I will be back soon.  In the meantime, forward me your prayer requests, keep up with me on twitter, and above all, know that you are loved by the Most High.
Yes.  That much.

I need some Sundays

I don’t normally post twice in a row, but this morning I have such a heavy heart. I want to ask you to join me in prayer for my friend Adrienne and her husband Jim, who are on a trip to adopt their second child. They have been anticipating bringing home their new baby girl for months, and were able to meet her soon after she was born. They received word yesterday that the baby’s mother has decided she needs a little time to think things over, and today she brought her daughter home with her.  Adrienne and Jim are still there, waiting to hear what will happen.  I don’t know if they plan to come home or if they will stay there, but I know their hearts are broken.  Too many of us know the pain, one way or another, of having a nursery full of clothes and toys and no baby to bring home to it.
Please pray for God’s will in this situation.  If this baby was meant to be with Adrienne and Jim, I am praying for a swift and peaceful decision by the birth mother.  If the baby is to stay with her mother, please pray for tremendous healing for sweet Adrienne and Jim as they prepare to go home empty-handed. While they knew this was a possibility, there was no indication that it might happen, and things have been very smooth up until yesterday.  One way or another, a mommy will be without the baby she loves, and we leave it up to the Lord to restore the wounds of loss and allow healing and peace.
I cannot imagine.
Well, actually, I can.  Which is why I want to call on all of you to join me.
I started a twitter account on the sidebar to keep you all updated on daily life, but also so I could post prayer requests that I receive.  It is so hard to post them all on here, but I thought this would be a good way to get the word out.  You are welcome to follow me on twitter (if you are confused, go to and get the scoop…it’s pretty cool:)) and keep up with prayer requests.  
The other day I was driving and talking to God, and I told Him how grateful I was for all of you sweet strangers that have joined me in this walk.  I guess words don’t really do it justice, but I want you to know that there are times I feel so alone, and this image of all of you around me brings me unspeakable joy.  I have decided that you need a name.
Since I called the girls in my Monday night Bible Study the “Mondays,” (I know, incredibly insightful and creative…), I have decided that you all will be called the “Sundays.”
So, if you are a frequent follower of this blog or you just want to pray along with us, look for your name in upcoming posts. 
Now, Sundays…your first task…
If you care to, visit Adrienne and Jim on their site, and please go to the throne on their behalf as they face this very challenging moment.
Love you all,