A Favor and A Little Gift From Me!

Hey friends! I was wondering if I could ask you a favor…

Have you read “What Women Fear?” If you liked it, and if you would be so kind, could you leave a review here on Amazon? It turns out it’s a good thing to have reviews and I told my publisher I would ask you.

If you do leave a review, please send your name/address and a link to the review to whatwomenfear@gmail.com and I will send you a signed bookplate for your book! It’s a small gesture but I really appreciate your time and support…

Thank you SO much.


My Book on Bloom!

Well friends, today is the day! So exciting to have some of my girlfriends join me for the videos over at (in)courage. Today’s is the intro video with Brandi, and you will LOVE her.

Click here to watch it:)

And since I’ve already been asked a few times about my shirt in the video (I love the easy questions!), I thought it was from the Limited but it’s actually from Ross I believe. It is precious and was cheap…the best combo ever.

There’s actually a ton of great conversation already happening and we would hate for you to miss it, so please stop by and make yourself welcome. One of the things a bunch of people are mentioning is that they really like the analogy I used about the tightrope. That made me smile because for weeks I was convinced that the cover of the book should be an old fashioned looking photo of a woman on a tightrope from behind while she balanced with a long pole…kind of like a vintage”Water for Elephants” vibe. I searched and searched online and could never find what I was looking for. But somewhere in the searching I ran across the photo that turned out to be the cover and I loved the feeling of trying to balance. So, we tracked down the rights (a random man in Germany) and voila! But I got the biggest kick out of that being something that barely made a dent in the actual writing but was so pivotal in my thinking, so it was cool that others liked it :)

There are a lot of behind the scenes things that I’ll be sharing as well as we go through the book, including photos from many of the stories I tell…and some of them (6th grade school photo, IF I get the nerve) will certainly, umm, enhance my stories. I’m loving the opportunity to share this side of things with you all and I really hope you’ll pop in and say hey.

Much love,


A Little Announcement…

Exciting news about my book “What Women Fear” has just been announced!

Click here to find out more about it…we would love to have you join us! So honored and also so excited to share this with you all in a more intimate way.

Blessings and love,

A Little Glitch.

Hey all!!!

Quick update on What Women Fear, because I have gotten a lot of messages about it and B&H has been hard at work trying to figure out what’s going on. Here’s the scoop. A bunch of people who had pre-ordered the book got messages saying that the release date had been pushed back (it hadn’t been). I believe it was saying it wasn’t going to be shipped for several weeks, but it looks like it was just some fluky email because they have plenty of stock and people are saying that they are getting them.

Amazon is having a similar situation (although it may be fixed by now) saying that it wouldn’t be shipped for a few weeks. They also have full stock and are shipping, so I think it should ship right away even though it says it’s longer.

For the record, I take it as a compliment that Satan is getting involved with this, because I think it means I included JUUUSSSSTTT the right amount of Scripture :)

SO, because I have the greatest publisher in the universe, we are working on a little consolation prize for those of you who received the message from B&N because we are bummed that it happened. Could you do me a favor and send an email to angelac519 at gmail dot com and put B&N email in the header. Also, include an address where we could send you a little something to say thank you for being patient and sorry for the mix-up :) It would be awesome if you could just forward the email to me so we can keep track of it that way…

Nobody asked me to say this next part, but I would really like to anyway.

I am a HUGE, HUGE Barnes and Noble fan, and this little glitch IN NO WAY reflects them. In fact, I tend to believe that because someone there chose to take some big chances on a Christian book, the enemy is going to throw anything he can in the way. I’m not one to say that lightly, but I have sensed the warfare surrounding this book in a way I never have before, and none of this has surprised me in the least. I just wanted to publicly say that I have been BLOWN away by the way B&N has blessed me and supported me and I wanted to encourage you to keep on shopping over there, because when the big dogs see a little Christian book making waves, they might start to look for the wind-Maker :)

I’ll look forward to those emails and will be in touch with you!

Thank you, as always, for your grace.

With love (& SO MUCH GRATITUDE!)


P.S. Don’t stop writing your entries on the post right before this!!!! We haven’t picked a winner yet…:)

P.P.S. If you read the book and liked it, would you consider leaving a quick review on Amazon or B&N? Even just clicking the little stars helps us authors out a lot.

If you read it and hated it, pretend you didn’t read this last part. It never happened. It neeeeeever happpeennnneeeed….


Help Me Out!!! (& A Giveaway!)

Okay, friends.

You ready for some fun?

I talked to Lisa Leonard a few weeks ago about creating a necklace that would have some saying on it that was related to my new book. I’ve thought about it a bunch since then and I can’t decide what I think. So, I figured I would ask all of you!!!

I was thinking “Fear Not,” or “Be not afraid” or something like that, but a few people have suggested different things and I am wondering if you all could tell me what your favorite saying on a necklace would be. You don’t have to pick one of those…I would LOVE to hear your original ideas. It can be a few words from my book, from a favorite quote you have always loved, from Scripture, or anywhere else in your brain.

And because I would love to offer some initiative to leave a comment, I will be giving away FIVE copies of my new book (randomly chosen from the comments section) and a special gift to the person who comes up with the one we use.

So, get cracking!!! And feel free to leave as many as you want…we can use all the ideas you have! I can’t wait!!!!!




Today’s the day! My new book, “What Women Fear” releases. It took me a couple months to write but it’s kind of been a lifetime in the making.

I had a plan for this post, full of marketing stuff and links and all kinds of good “author” stuff. For the record, it wasn’t half-bad.

But I’m on a little trip with my family and while I’ve been praying through everything that’s happening in my life right now, I keep coming back to the same thought.

He is everything.

My feet were in the ocean and the beach was full this afternoon while I thought about how to write this post. Because at the end of the day, I’m a writer, and I would love for you to buy my book. I needed to translate that in these paragraphs because it matters if I sell books. It’s like any other job, where you want to excel and make the people who believed in you proud.

But it’s pretty hard to write a post like that when you have your toes in the water.

I felt so small…

I was wind-whipped with sand, eyes on the horizon and the thought of trying to say anything other than this was as absurd as it should be.

He is everything.

It’s all a jumbled mess without Him, and any ounce of credit I get would be an ounce misplaced.

And while I planned all the right words, the waves came.

Have you ever said the same?

I could have had everything right on paper, but if I didn’t believe those three words it would all be for nothing.

I’ve done my best to write a book I pray will bless others, but I have done it with hands that tremble in recognition of the One who allowed me the right.

I know my team at B&H is going to forgive me for going a little off the rails with this post. I’m fairly certain it’s not part of the marketing strategy:)

{I was literally at this point in my post when my editor sent me an email. I stopped what everyone here was doing and while the T.V. went on mute and computer keys hushed, I read her words out loud. If you will allow me, I would love to share a little bit of what she said, because I don’t feel like it’s a coincidence that it happened EXACTLY as I was writing about my amazing B&H team}


I’m about to go to bed and want to drop a note because I’m thinking about you a lot on the eve of the official launch of a message that I know to my core will be used to impact hundreds of thousands. Do you know what I’m thinking about? I’m thinking about 4 year old Ang, your dad lifting you, you with extra books of the Bible, the legacy of faith you and Todd are building, you two scrubbing the floor after burying your sweet girl and realizing how in each and every nanosecond of all of those experiences and every other one, God was painting an exquisite portrait of the way in which He treasures you and reveals the texture of His love and nature through the way He has gifted you…

It’s the eve of my book launch and she’s thinking about Angie the person, not Angie the author.

It makes me smile ear to ear and shake my head in awe at the way God has pieced this whole thing together.

I am blessed beyond belief to have the honor of writing,

And all my thanks go to the One who has allowed it.

He is everything.

There are going to be some cool posts on deck for later in the week where I am going to ask you to jump in the deep end with me and share about what your fears are. There will even be a chance for you to get involved in a cool little project and then to win some fun stuff, so stay tuned.

If you would like to buy my book, you can click here to purchase from Amazon or here to purchase from Barnes and Noble. Last I checked the prices were almost exactly the same…

I’m really proud of this book and I hope you all enjoy it, but more than that I hope you know…

He is everything.

Blessings to each of you and thank you so, so much for your support~


Thank You.

Well I cried myself to sleep last night and I’ll probably do the same tonight.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled at the {genuinely unexpected} response that my new book has gotten on B&N’s website.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank each one of you who has helped to do this…because it’s been hanging out here since yesterday:)

I don’t know any of the in’s and out’s of what this means as far as sales and all the behind the scenes stuff, but I told Todd that at the very least it made a pretty remarkable screenshot to show the grandkids one day :)

I believe in the message of the book and I have been praying constantly about those who will read it and see pieces of themselves in it. To all of you who have expressed excitement, shared about, purchased, or prayed about my book…thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you would like to purchase it, please click here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

And OF COURSE I couldn’t go the whole day without reminding you that TODAY is the release day for Selah’s new CD “Hope of the Broken World.” I cannot tell you how much I love the music they have made on this project, but I promise it isn’t because I’m biased. It’s PHENOMENAL.

Todd and I are perpetually in awe that we get to do what we love and that we feel supported and loved. I just wanted you to know we don’t take a second of it for granted…


With love,



Over the Moon {and back again}

I got a phone call last week that rocked my little socks off, so I want to start by thanking Barnes & Noble for giving me the opportunity to share this exciting news with you all. It is entirely possible that they are being so gracious to me because they have tracked my debit card activity at their stores over the past several years and flat out feel sorry for me because of my obsession with them…

Regardless, they are doing a little something that {a little birdie told me} they don’t do very often. It’s my understanding that a few books are chosen every month to be featured on their website and also in their stores, and you are never going to believe what this month’s choices include…

Okay, you might.

But here’s the best part!!!!

TODAY, and TODAY ONLY  {8/22/11} you can pre-order my new book online, “What Women Fear” for $7.49…HALF OFF THE COVER PRICE!!! You can order it here.

I am all about a good deal and this is about as good as it’s going to get :). In addition, if you pre-order, please email your confirmation email to whatwomenfear@gmail.com and you will be entered to win one of two prize packages from B&H. {a $25 B&N Gift Card & 10 books in each package!!!!!}

I am honored and BLOWN AWAY that they would believe in and promote my book in this way. They were VERY supportive of “I Will Carry You,” and it means the world that they want to get behind this one in such a big way. It means a lot to me that a massive company like them would take notice of and invest in a writer like me.

So, all that to say, thank you to Barnes & Noble for your support, and if you were thinking of getting my new book, go ahead and grab it today while it’s cheap!!!!

Thank you all in advance…



What Women Fear

Hello friends!

You know that awkward eighth grade thing where you want to dance with someone but you know you might be rejected so you don’t ask?

Well, that’s kind of how it feels when you have a new book coming out.

So, the next month or so is going to be kind of like me looking at you across the gymnasium and hoping my nerve holds out.


With that said, here’s the promo video for my new book, and below it you will find a handy-dandy little button that you can use in the event that you would like to pre-order it.

I can honestly say I poured my heart and soul into it and I am praying it blesses you richly. There will be lots more talk about it coming up soon, but for now….wanna dance?

or click HERE to order from Barnes & Noble:)

(Thank you for your support, friends!)


What Women Fear

I am shaking in my boots here, folks :)

No, it isn’t available for pre-order quite yet but I wanted to include you all as much as possible!!!

I am waiting on edits now but the release date is September 1, 2011.

As far as the quality of writing and the content, it is the piece I am the most proud of. The Lord showed me some things in Scripture I had missed many times, and I pray you are as blessed as I was by what He taught me.

I have long been fascinated by the questions God asks of His people in Scripture. Why does He ask? Clearly He knows the answers, right? Well, as I studied men and women in the Bible who were facing some kind of fear (fear of failure, fear of being found out, fear of being insignificant etc) guess what I also noticed?

God asked them questions.

And I believe the heart of the way we are called to deal with the fear is in the way we answer these questions. So, I wrote about my fears, my life, my God, and the answers that I believe shape us as we face fear.

Want to see the cover?!?!?! (Please say yes, please say yes…)


I will keep you posted on more details as soon as I have them, but please be praying for me as I head into edits!!! SO excited to share this with you all!!!!

Much love,