The Lord has such a beautiful way of reminding us of simple truth, and after a week of questioning some hard places in my life, He did that for me. She doesn’t know she was a part of it, but I’ll tell her one day when I think she’s old enough to really understand how […]

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Join Me on the Sandi Patty Cruise in 2014!

I have about 15 different posts that have been working their way out of my head after I FINALLY turned in my manuscript a few weeks ago. I can’t wait to share more about what’s been going on in our lives (not much, which is why it’s so fantastic:)) and also to get your opinions […]

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*5* & a beautiful gift.

breezy collage

I glanced down at my phone and saw a text from my editor (and dear friend) Jennifer Lyell. It said “Listen to your voicemail:)” I’m terrible with voicemail. And she knows me well enough to know that if she doesn’t explicitly tell me to, I will likely never hear her messages. So I listened. And […]

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You’re Not A Prop {subtext series}

I’ll just start this post out by saying I’m going to step on your toes. And if you’re someone who gets the whole way through and doesn’t feel like I did that, please don’t email me to let me know that’s the case because I prefer to believe we are all equally guilty. There are […]

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Rushing & Pausing {Subtext Series}

Well I hope your evaluation period has been as eventful as mine was. Or maybe I don’t. I don’t know what the win is on that one:) I’m not necessarily going to post these in any particular order, but I’m going to start with something that I saw a lot in the comments because it […]

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The Subtext

I know, I know. It shouldn’t really be called a blog when I come over so infrequently. I gave up guilt for Lent so I’m just not going to make a big thing out of it. Actually I didn’t think ahead enough to give up anything for Lent. And now I kind of feel guilty […]

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Random Goodness.

Hello everyone! {AKA, the few who stick around even though I’m the most unpredictable blogger on planet Earth. Thank you.} I hope your Christmas and New Year’s season was beautiful and that wherever you are you are enjoying the “recovery” period. January is typically a slow month for writers and artists so Todd and I […]

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The Brown House


We moved to the brown house a few months after I turned one. For my second Birthday, my mom set a big tall candle in the middle of the dining room table and let me blow it out as soon as it had burned from the “1” to the “2.” For the next five Birthdays, […]

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Love Like This


Todd will be the first to tell you I’m a terrible unpacker. I traveled a lot this Fall, and more often than not, my suitcase sat by my bed untouched until I was preparing to leave again. I would take out a few things and put a few more in, but the suitcase was never […]

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I swing the curtains wide open and pull the most annoying stunt known to children. “WAKE UP! IT’S GOING TO BE AN AMAZING DAY!” They are less than thrilled. A few minutes later we stand in a row, all watching our toothbrushes move in the mirror. “Where are we going today?” Abby asks. “Today is […]

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