Fun Friday

***WINNER UPDATE: Congratulations to Carrie Herdon!! You’ll be cooking up some yummy Indian food soon! :)***

*Updated to add that Aarti is going to send a masala dabba of spices to one random commenter from this post!!!! I think that means yummy Indian spices in a fancy dish (based on my love of her show. Which may or may not border on creeptastic). Woo-Hoo!!!!

Hello my friends!!!! I have been dreaming and scheming about this blog, and I hope you will be along for the ride. I love the relationship aspect of this online space, and while I LOVE to write and to share my heart, sometimes I just want to “hang” with you all. Regular, light-hearted conversations between friends, where the emphasis isn’t on me, but on enjoying and learning from each other. I think this can take many forms, and just for kicks, I’m going to try to do a fun post every Friday where you can jump in and share. It’s not going to be deep and theological. Just a place for girlfriends to chat about odds and ends.

So, I’m going to ask a random question each week, and I would love for you to answer! It’s pretty complicated. And sophisticated. And spiritual. Well, it might be spiritual some weeks, but it isn’t this week!!!!! Let’s kick it off with a bang.

Are you ready?

Here goes.

I’m in a make-up phase right now. I usually don’t wear too much, so this has been a fun little adventure for me. I have a couple products that I have fallen in love with and I bet you do too. I’m also really into simple make-up tips and watching videos of make-up artists. People who know me will think this is funny, because I’m not really that good at it. But I have to say, a little effort goes a long way, and I’m finding that I feel different when I have taken some time to get ready instead of running out of the house with my hair in a bun, pinching my cheeks for some color and feeling like a slob.

I realized that after having 5 children, I had stopped caring what I saw in the mirror. I’m having fun experimenting with shades and shadows, and seeing fun posts like this one from my friend Aarti from Aarti’s party (we have emailed. Listen, people. We are 2 text messages away from the broken heart BFF necklaces.). Go read it…lots of fun 🙂 And isn’t she GORGEOUS??? She’s also my friend. I don’t know if I mentioned that. Dang, I’m a loser.

Now it’s your turn.

We might make this a link-up eventually, but for now just leave comments here. This week’s question?

What makeup product is your “can’t-live-without?”

Be specific with brand and all that jazz. We ladies love detail. And feel free to list more than one if you are so inclined.

Just in time for a little wish list for the hubs for Valentines Day…

Me? Blush from NARS {naughty name}, Buxom mascara, and great foundation {I love smashbox. I’ve heard make up forever has a great one too}. I also love the “naked” palette by Urban Decay. I’m on the hunt for a great neutral lip gloss, but I love Nymphette by MAC. I also wish make up companies would stop using sexual names for make up. Don’t get me started on that one. Argh.


Im so giddy!!! Again. A loser. But a smily one.


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