Speaking Request

Dear friends,

I’m delighted that the Lord brought me to mind as you plan your event! It’s humbling to be entrusted with the platform in different communities and the honor of it is never lost on me.

Due this season of life and the priorities I am constantly wrestling to keep intact, I have significantly reduced the amount of time I’m away from my family. With that said, I’m still prayerful and consider each request, but please accept my gratitude in advance for understanding if I’m not able to join you.

Please know that my team asks about numbers absolutely last; our hope is to prioritize ministry and to steward opportunities as the Lord leads. With that, because of a commitment I made to my family years ago, I am only able to be away from home one night per event unless absolutely necessary.

I’m excited to learn more about you, your team, community, and event. Thank you for the honor of your invitation!

With love,  Angie